Practising what you preach....

We teach our students the importance of punctuality and of being professional. Yet, we, educationists dont know or don't care about these virtues, ourselves. This morning I had an appointment with GITAM University at 08:00 AM. The meeting time was fixed by GITAM. And yet, till 09:30 there was no one at the appointed place. And nobody had a clue of when the meeting would start. And when the meeting did actually take place, a good 90 minutes after the scheduled time, instead of admitting one's lapse, a learned member had the cheek to state that it was a usual practise to call candidates an hour in advance and make them wait two hours after the scheduled time. What a shame ! Is'nt this what we call "adding insult to injury" ? What right do these so-called institutions have, to expel students when they are late for exams ? What moral right do these so-called institutions have, to talk about punctuality and professional behaviour ? When will we learn some basic rules of decency and civilised behaviour ? Is this the example we are setting for our students ? Have we no shame ?