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Young people: Dorothy, Jean, Virginia, Bill, Jim, and Tom became
engaged to one another (3 marriages to be). Who got engaged to whom?

- Tom who is older than Jim, is Dorothy's brother.
- Virginia is the oldest girl.
- The total age of each couple is the same, although no two people are
the same age.
- Jim and Jean together are as old as Bill and Dorothy.

Name the three pairs of engaged couples.

Please help me!
Thanks a lot.

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Best practices for journals

The International Mathematical Union Committee on Electronic
Information and Communication (CEIC) has a new (and useful) document. While the
core audience for this "IMU Current Best Practices for Journals" is
primarily editors-in-chief and boards of journals, we hope a wide
spectrum of stakeholders in the mathematical literature will find it
useful. Whether you are a beginning graduate student, an early career
scholar, a senior mathematician, or someone active in the publishing
or library communities, the document should be of interest to you.

International Mathematical Union Current Best Practices for Journals,
endorsed by IMU General Assembly 16 August 2010 is at:


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IMU recently conducted the ICM2010 Conference in Hyderabad. Unfortunately, teachers like me, do not have the money to pay for the registration expenses. But there is some hope for us. We can keep ourselves informed, by subscribing to the FREE (gratis) newsletter of IMU:: IMU-Net.

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The IMU General Assembly, at its
meeting in Bangalore, prior to the ICM, decided that Seoul, the
capital of the Republic of Korea, will host the ICM in 2014. This
congress will take place from August 13 to 21, 2014.



Learning from Prof. Don Knuth

Many of us are not fortunate to study at Stanford Univ. Many of us have only heard about Donald Knuth, but have not heard him. If you are one of these, like me, here is a golden opportunity to stop dreaming. Visit the "Stanford Center for Professional Development", and listen and see Don. Knuth. No, you dont have to travel, you just have to click on the link below, and scroll down to the bottom of the page you see. Choose the group of lectures you want to watch :::


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"This was an experimental project where we'd have three or four cameras in a basement studio and we would film classes of about an hour," says Knuth. "We got a bunch of our brightest students and gave them extremely difficult problems. You could literally see the 'Aha' taking place. People can watch the problem-solving process as it occurred."