If you want to learn FOSS....

If you want to learn about FOSS, join Microsoft. Micosoft
sponsors OSIDAYS2010, a FOSS event, at Chennai. OSIDAYS2010 is
touted as Asia's largest Open Source Conference. Reminds me of
our opportunist Indian politicians who cross the floor, just to
be with the winning party. So, let it be with Microsoft too.
After all, businessmen need see no scruples, as long as they can
exploit the gullible, and make money.

FOSS lovers however, please take care. Stay away from impostors,
and exploiters.



Teachers' Day !

In India, we celebrate today as "Teachers' day". The teachers would call it "Lip Service Day", considering the endless amount of harassment and humiliation, teachers are subjected to every day. Why has no one ever thought of setting up some agency to protect and defend and support the teacher ?