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Class #DateEvents (Each lecture is for 2 hours)
992013/01/13Lab session Recursive use of gpg for encrypting an entire partition or entire drive contents.
202013/01/11Lab session. Creating a fortress. Recursive use of md5 and digital signature.
192012/12/30Lab session . Key signing party. KU web of trust KUWOT.
182012/12/30Lab session . Use of md5sum and sha1sum.
172012/12/30Guest lecture by Prof. PR Adhikary. Algebraic systems.
162012/12/30PGPNET review. Briefing on lab. sessions.
14, 152012/12/28 Guest lecture by Prof. P. R. Adhikary. Overview of Algebraic systems.
SSL explained. X509 certificates. SSL protocol
2012/12/25LaTeX hands-on Workshop Day 2/2
2012/12/23LaTeX hands-on Workshop Day 1/2
132012/12/21RSA overview. Overview of network security tools. IPV4 vs IPV6. Firewalls, IP chains vs IP tables. IPSEC. SSL/TLS. Root certificate.
11,122012/12/16(09-hashmd5) Hash digests. md5 and sha family. Applications. Digital signatures. Use in creating a secure CDROM (How to build a fortress).
{08-cryptstandards.odp}Crypto standards. DES, 3DES, AES. Elgamal, DH Key exchange.
102012/12/14Review of GPG exercise. (07-numbertheory.odp)Number theory principles. Interruptions due to power failure.
08,092012/12/09(06-pgp97.odp)PGP/GPG. Use of Konqueror, Kleopatra. Keys creation and management, encrypt, sign, verify, decrypt. Class interrupted due to power failure.

(05-keys.odp)Keys management, Use of key server. Key strength. Video by Terrence Spies. (07-numbertheory.odp)Number theory principles.
072012/12/07(06-pgp97.odp)PGP/GPG. Use of KGPG. Keys creation and management, encrypt, sign, verify, decrypt. Class interrupted due to power failure.
06 2012/12/02(04.secure97odp) Cryptography contd. Using vi and zip for symm. key crypto. Extending Caesar's cipher. Viginere cipher. XOR cipher. Feistel networks.
05 2012/12/02Invited lecture -- Dr. K jha. Principles of algebra.
04 2012/11/30(04.secure97odp) Cryptography essentials. Sita and Rama in cryptography. Symm. key crypto. Caesar's cipher. Asymm. key crypto. Trapdoor functions. Factoring problem. Discrete logarithm problem.
03 2012/11/25(03-linuxsecu.odp) How Linux does it. Security tools in Linux.
022012/11/25(02-bewarealways.odp) Information security, basics, issues, threats, remedies. Internet fraud.
012012/11/23(00-takeoff.odp) Course inauguration by Dean (Engg.). Take off lecture. Course Overview. Security awareness questionnaire.
xx2013/01/20Scheduled end of course.
xx2013/01/24Scheduled Final exam
xx2013/01/27Scheduled declaration of results