60/2013 Cryptography for e-security (crypto-v3) May 2013- July 2013

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Each ession = 90 minutes

Class #DateHighlights
19, 202013-06-21Closure and Debriefing session. Misc. security techniques :: steganography, hamming, chaffing, winnowing, shred. Exam details announced. Videos on : Alan Turing, Claude Shannon.
182013-06-20Network security tools : SSH
SSL Explained
16, 172013-06-11Authentication. Testing password strength.
Network security Tools. IPV6, IPSEC, PEM. S/MIME, SET, SSL/TLS.
15a2013-06-12Linux overview. Twin boot concept. Installing Linux/Ubuntu demo. Distributed copies of BOSS Linux.
152013-06-09Authentication principles. Two factor authentication. Biometric authentication. Passwords.
13, 142013-06-07Elementary number theory. Modular arithmetic. Fermat's little theorem, Euler's theorem. Factoring problem. Inverse Logarithm problem. Prime numbers. GCD. Euclidean algorithm and extended Euclidean algorithm.
Overview of RSA algorithm
122013-06-06Overview of some cryptographic standards. Feistel networks. DES, 3DES, IDEA. S box. P box.
112013-06-02Hash digests. Essential properties. md family vs sha family. Merkle Damgard construction. Role of digests in digital signatures. sha3 competition and result. How to build a fortress with hash digest and digital signature.
09, 102013-05-31PGP/GPG. Encrytion, decryption, signing, verfification with GPG. Keys and key management using Command Line. KGPG interface, Thunderbird interface.
082103-05-30Security issues in operating systems. Linux security features.
Introduction to PGP/GPG
072013-05-26Security issues in operating systems. Linux security features. SE Linux.
05, 062013-05-24Asymm. Key Cryptography. Intro: AKC, PKI, PKC, X509. Viginere Cipher, Feistel cipher, Pigpen cipher. Stream cipher vs block cipher. Encryption, signing. Videos: DH key exchange, suitcase analogy.
042013-05-23Symm. Key Cryptography. Demo using zip, vi. Videos -- Ron Rivest, Bruce Schneier.
Distributed copies of course DVD
032013-05-19CE students (56) join the class.
Cryptography fundamental principles.
022013-05-16E-security overview. Threats, remedies.
012013-05-15CS students = 19. Take-off lecture. Course overview.