Poland and India

As a fallout of my visit to Krakow, a possiblity exists for AGH Univ, Krakow to collaborate with an Indian University. My first choice was IIIT Hyderabad. I went to meet Prof. Rajeev sangal, Director of IIITH, yesterday. Apparently IIITH is already on the radar of AGH Univ. I am sure something exciting will come up, as a result of these developments. Insha-allah.



Partha is a gangster now !

Dr. Partha has been invited to join "the Answer Gang" of Linux Gazette (LG).

LG is an internationally reputed, web-based journal for Linux. LGis read by millions of people all around the world. LG is published in English and 7 other languages. It is mirrored in 41 sites in 18 countries around the world. I also understand that US Universities give academic credit for publishing in LG. LG is a refereed journal (ISSN: 1934-371X), and is listed in the Ulrichs database.

The "answer gang" is a bunch of dedicated volunteers who answer your questions about Linux. Being part of this gang, is an honour by itself.

See you at LG !

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Thank you, Krakow

Just visited and lectured at the AGH UNiv. of Science and Technology, Krakow Poland. Felt small when I learnt that giants like Stefan Banach (mathematician), Nicolas Copernicus (astronomer) lived and taught in Krakow. Krakow is also the birth place of Pope John Paul II. Krakow was also the site of one of the largest concentration camps of Hitler. There is so much history, so much culture and so much to see and learn here. Thank you Prof. Cetnarowicz.

Wonder why none of our own Indian instiutions even notice my presence so close to them.


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//** It was a pleasure. I can say that with some authority, since I ended up proofreading it myself - given your diction, sense of humor, and technical accuracy, I really enjoyed working on it. **//

This is what the reviewer of my article at LG has to say about my article. Wonder why our Indian friend from LFY did not see any merit. Who is the loser ? Think about it.