50/2012 An unforgettable experience

I visited my school, after 46 years. I was transported to my childhood days, as I loitered all around this school. I recalled many moments of joy, anxiety, and discovery, which I had experienced several years ago. Time flies relentlessly. People grow old, but memories remain young. Thank you, my dear school, for what you did to me.

49/2012 Another amazing bookstore

My earlier post # 36/2012 spoke of an amazing bookstore in Oxford, UK. Here, in India, I found another bookstore, which is just as amazing :: The TATA bookhouse in Indian Instt. of Science, Bangalore (Bengaluru for some fanatics). A bookstore where books are piled up from the floor to the ceiling. The place is so small, you wont fall down if you trip over something. You can browse for hours together, until your legs start aching. The things you discover here will make you come for more.
Even the staircase is stacked with books. You wonder how they keep track of all those gems. The remarkable thing I noticed is that, unlike many other bookshops I know, they do not keep any of those dumb "coffee-table books" which you find everywhere. Never mind, they have a real superb coffee house next door where they serve excellent south-Indian coffee and snacks. A visit to Bangalore is not complete without a visit to Tata Book House, and the coffee shop next door.

TATA Book House has a twin sister in IIT Chennai. This one is much bigger, and is much better organised, but it does not impress a book lover, like its Bangalore sister. This bookshop is also located in close proximity to a coffee shop. It is just one floor above "Cafe coffee day". TBH seems to know the formula that book lovers are also great coffee lovers. Good for me !

Thanks to TBH, I am now richer by several great books. I am a happy man !