64 / 2013 Course Chronicle (crypto - v4)

Crypto - v4 Course Chronicle
Course website : profpartha.webs.com/cryptov4.htm
Course Instructor : Prof. S. Parthasarathy (drpartha@gmail.com)
Each session = 90 min. approx

Session #DateEvents
34,352014-01-12Final exam.
32,332014-01-08Closure. Debriefing. Exam announcement and instructions. Course feedback and speakout. Salute the giants.
Videos: 1. Alan Turing 2. Claude Shannon
30, 312014-01-03Misc. concepts and tools: Leet, one-way encryption, steganography, Hamming, Chaffing and winnowing, secure wipe/shred, ethical hacking, practice what you preach.
28, 292014-01-02SSL at work. Detailed overview of SSL. Downloading and importing CA root certificate, and CRL. CRL vs OCSP.
Videos :
1. The web is down
3. How SSL works
26, 272014-01-01 Network security tools. PKI. TCP/IP. IPV4 vs IPV6. IPSEC. Other tools.
24, 252013-12-27Principles of Authentication, Identity authentication, content authentication, zero-knowledge authentication, challenge-response authentication, biometric authentication, passwords. Strong passwords. Demo of password meters.

Video: What are smart cards ?
22, 232013-12-26Security enhanced Linux, Multi-level security, BIOS password, Bootloader password, Login password, secure coding tools, Discretionary access control,
 Mandatory access control,

Physical verification of GPG fingerprints of students keys.
20, 212013-12-25Number theory -- DL problem.

Overview of RSA algorithm.

Mid course review. The Indian angle.
18, 192013-12-20Fundamental concepts in number theory, Peano's axioms, What are Numbers ?, Divisibility, quotient, remainder, modulo arithmetic, properties of modulo arithmetic, Fermat's little theorem, Euler's generalisation, modulo inverse, Prime numbers, co-primes, Euler's totient function, GCD, Euclidean algorithm, extended Euclidean algorithm.
16, 172013-12-16Cryptographic standards. Block ciphers, Feistel structures. DES, 3DES, AES. ECB, CBC modes, S box, P box. Overview of Blowfish, IDEA.

Video -- Key strength and brute force attacks. Exercise 5, 5a, 5b
13, 14, 152013-12-13GPG Command examples. Export keys. Import keys. Secure key distribution.

Exercises : 4a, 4b, 4c -- importing keys securely
12, 132013-12-09GPG introduction. Command examples.

Demo: Creating GPG key pairs.
9, 10, 112013-12-06Pig pen cipher, Block ciphers, Feistel networks. Hash digests, MAC and HMAC, principles of hash digests, properties of hash digests, md family vs. sha family, sha3, digital signatures, properties and usage, demos of md5sum and shasum, "How to build a fortress"

Video: Diffie Helman key exchange -- paints analogy

Exercise #3: Subscribe Schneier's cryptogram newsletter.
7, 82013-12-02Symm. key crypto contd., ROT13, XOR, Vigenere cipher, trap-door functions, factoring problem, discrete logarithm problem.

Video: Locked box analogy
Demo: Doing it with zip. Doing it with vi

Exercise #2: Symmetric encryption with zip.
5, 62013-11-28Elements of cryptography, terminology, encryption vs. decryption, Why Alice and Bob should go on a holiday, Caesar's cipher, symmetric keys, key exchange problem, concepts of asymmetric key cryptography, public key vs. private key.

Videos: Ronald Rivest, Bruce Schneier.
3,42013-11-27e-security: risks, threats, remedies. Simple examples.

Exercises #1a, #1b, #1c. Handout DVD distributed to the class.
1, 22013-11-21Start crypto-v4 course. Take off lecture.

Security questionnaire.
02013-11-10 to 2013-11-20 Political disturbances. KU closed due to strikes.