Is Hyderabad a part of India ? (Is Anand an Indian ?)

Although the Govt. of India delayed and denied you a doctorate, we Indians confer a doctorate on you Sir. You will henceforth be known as Dr. Vishwanathan Anand, to all Indians, We are proud of you Sir.

This event gives a ridiculous end to the greatest show on mathematics held in India. After all, the world needs not just mathematicians, we also need
buffoons as well. Our Govt. has succeeded in bringing comic relief to an otherwise serious and sober event. This is a novel way to make ICM2010 a memorable event (sic). Thank GOD, the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, did not wake up, and ask "is Hyderabad a part of India ?"

Congrats to all the organisers and the UOH, and of course Dr. Vishwanathan Anand.


Shame on you

Shame on you Govt. of India

Vishwanathan Anand, the great chess master from India, a
world-renowned Indian, who brought fame and respect to India,
several times, was denied his doctorat honoris causa, because the
Govt. of India could not decide if he was Indian ! Never mind
that he holds an Indian passport, never mind that he represents
India in all international chess events, never mind that the Vice
Chancellor (aka President) of a University recommends his name,
never mind that the game he promotes so well was born in India
(unlike cricket). It took more than a year, and frantic efforts
of many respectable academicians, to establish that he is indeed
an Indian. All the dilly-dallying, ignorance, indifference and
irresponsible beahviour gets brushed off, stating that there was
"some" bureaucratic delay. We live in an age of instant
communication, mobile phones, Internet, FAX et al. Our Government
still runs on bullock carts, steered by mentally-retarded blind men.

Chess is a game which puzzles and overwhelms even the best of
mathematicians and logicians. In fact, Mr. Anand played an
exhibition match against 40 renowened mathematicians. All of
them, save one (who entered into a draw), lost to Mr. Anand.

The best comment I have seen was posted on the TOI website ::

Even the Indian HRD ministry can't believe that one of its citizen can be world number 1 in Chess. This is the reason they doubted his citizenship. Way to go!

Shame on you Govt. of India, shame on you Mister Minister. Would
you have dilly-dallied like this, if Anand was a politician ? For
every Anand who has been affected by bureaucratic delay, there
are hundreds of unknown Indians who are suffering and waiting.
When will you wake up from your slumber ?


Happy Birthday

25 Aug. 2010

Happy Birthday Linux,

Time to rejoice. Time to celebrate.

I salute the spirit of freedom and worldwide amity which you have
created. I salute technological and ethical superiority. I
salute the end of mediocrity and unethical methods.



Why you should not marry a maths Prof.

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before it is too late.


Pathetic Press

I am apalled at the pathetic coverage given by the Press to such a great event like ICM2010. The Press could muster only a less-than-lukewarm and half-hearted coverage to this historic event, held in my city. I am ashamed to see the kind of coverage given to trivial and ridiculous events and people, by the same Press.

When will we grow up ?


Maths awards

One of the biggest events in the International Congress of mathematicians 2010, now on at Hyderabad, india, is the announcement of the world's topmost awards in mathematics. We will get to know the people who made amazing contributions to mathematics.

The awards are listed at ::

This year's award winners are listed at ::

You can see the names, affiliations and a brief bio sketch of the awardees. You can also get to know the citation of the award.

Take look.

Try harder. Maybe you will find your name in the next list.