113 / 2011 Commutative diagrams in LaTeX

Mathematicians have been using diagrams of objects and arrows to explain their work since at least 1945. Conventially, these are called commutative diagrams (even when they don't commute). You have a choice of tools for making commutative diagrams in LaTeX.

Take a look at :: http://www.jmilne.org/not/CDGuide.html


112/2011 Saluting a mathematical genius

India celebrates 125 years of Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920). . It is so gratifying to note the way we are celebrating this gift India gave to mathematics.

THE HINDU, India's most respected newspaper, carries a full supplement of 8 pages dedicated to Ramanujan. It also carries a whole page interview with Robert Kanigel, author of Ramanujan's biography "The man who knew infinity". The year 2012 has been nominated as the year of Mathematics. 22 Dec.(his day of birth) will be declared as the "National Mathematics day". The Prime Minister of India will inaugurate the year-long celebrations. A movie on Ramanujan's life has been planned.

I can't help comparing this expression of celebrating mathematics, with the less than lukewarm attention this same newspaper gave to ICM 2010, a world class conference on mathematics, held in 2010 in Hyderabad.

In my own little way, I have added two books on mathematics/Ramanujan to
the Professor's bookshelf

Let us hope all this will inspire our future mathematicians, and bring us at least one more Ramanujan.