51/2012 AI @ KU -- Course Chronicle

Each session = 90 minutes
Session # DateEvents
??10 Aug. 2012 Strike/disturbance in KTM. Sign off. Completed student evaluation report. Vacated office.
2509 Aug. 2012 Evaluation of students. Personal interviews. Viva voce.
2408 Aug. 2012 Fuzzy expert systems continued. Fuzzification-defuzzification examples. Defuzzification approaches. Wrap up. Limits of AI. LAST LECTURE
2306 Aug. 2012 Fuzzy expert systems. Reasoning under uncertainty. Overview of logic -- binary logic, ternary logic, multiple valued logic, infinite valued logic, fuzzy logic. Fuzzy rule base. Fuzzification and defuzzification. Examples.
??05 Aug. 2012 Strike/disturbance in KTM. NO class
??03 Aug. 2012 KU Entrance exam. NO class
??02 Aug. 2012 "Rakhi" -- holiday. NO class.
2230 Jul. 2012 Student seminars. Rohit Amatya "Instant insanity". Chandan Gupta "Prolog features and examples".
2127 Jul. 2012 Student seminars cancelled. Review. General discussions.
2025 Jul. 2012 Robotics and AI overview.
1923 Jul. 2012 Expert systems
1820 Jul. 2012 Seminar on Prolog (Chandan Gupta). Seminar on Simulated annealing (Rohit Man Amatya). Discussions.
1718 Jul. 2012 AI technologies. Overview of : Expert sytems, ANN, Fuzzy logic driven systems, Image processing systems, Banking systems, Intelligent programs, implantable medical devices, intelligent buildings.
1616 Jul. 2012 AI programming. Desirable features. Panorama of languages. Overview of Prolog. Lambda calculus. Overview of LISP. SHRDLU.
1513 Jul. 2012 Seminar on "Semantic graphs" by Sushil Shreshta. Seminar by Rohit Man Amatya on "Non- monotonic reasoning". Discussions.
1411 Jul. 2012 AI in manufacturing.
1309 Jul. 2012 AI in design. Concluding session.
1206 Jul. 2012 Seminar/presentation by Chandan Pd Gupta : Genetic algorithms Discussions.
11a ?? Jul. 2012 AI in engineering. AI in design.
11 04 Jul. 2012 Extension of interval algebra. Events and durations. Episode analysis. Use of constraint logic programming.

AI in engineering. AI in design.
1002 Jul. 2012 Overview of temporal logic methodologies. LTL, LTA, interval algebrs, duration calculus, time Petri nets, hybrid Petri nets, Interval algebra s a semantic net. Use in temporal knowledge base creation. Checking inconsistencies. Post-mortem analysis. Glass oven example.
901 Jul. 2012 Seminar/presentation by Rohit Man Amatya : automated guided vehicles. Discussion on AGV.
827 Jun. 2012 Temporal knowledge and temporal reasoning. What is time ? Why should we bother about time ? Approaches to temporal knowledge : modal logic, LTL, quantified time, events and conditions, relative time, interval algebra.
725 Jun. 2012 Knowledge representation.Principles. Requirements. Precautions. Methods. Lists. Trees. Fault trees. Semantic nets. Rule based systems. Logic based. Relay ladders.
622 Jun. 2012 Seminar/presentation by Chandan GUPTA. Tabu search
520 Jun. 2012 AI problems, characteristics of AI problems, state space, state dependant problems, path dependent problems, search, informed vs uninformed search, heuristic search, depth first, breadth first, back tracking.
418 Jun. 2012 Issues in intelligence vs knowledge. Recognising human intelligence. Turing test. CAPTCHA.

Learning. Objectives. End-results. Learning approaches :: supervised, assisted, Autonomous, unattended. Learning methodologies :: rote learning, Take advice, Learning by example / induction, Explanation based, Discovery, Analogy.
317 Jun. 2012List of topics for seminar/projects. The nature of knowledge. Knowledge vs. intelligence. Knowledge vs. meta-knowledge. Why machines are not intelligent creatures.
213 Jun. 2012Take-off lecture. Course modalities. NLP vs problem solving.
111 Jun. 2012Course planning. Preparations.

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