23/2012 Guess who came for lunch ?

It is not every day that we get a chance to have lunch with a great personality. Richard Stallman (aka RMS) was in town today, and I got invited to have lunch with him. RMS, as we all know, is the founder of Free Software Foundation, prime mover of the GNU project, and the person who changed the way the world looks at software.

I thank IIITH which organised the event, and my friend Venkatesh Choppella, who got me into this event. This was indeed a memorable day for me.

22/2012 Ignored in India, recognised abroad

As usual, Partha gets recognised once again. Partha is now on the Editorial Board of a reputed international journal published by Elsevier Publishers from UK. People in his own native India are blissfully ignorant of the jewel they have at home. After all, swines do not recognise or appreciate the value of pearls. Partha is not proud of this recognition, he is ashamed of the ignorance of his own compatriots.

The Editorial Board of EAAI is listed here:


Do you realise your mistakes, you swines who ruled over me for 13 years ? Your ignorance and indifference sank the ship you were steering, and drove away people who could have saved you from a calamity.


21/2012 Do you own a telescope ?

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