The penguin in the court

QUOTE The Supreme Court of India has directed all courts across the nation to switch over to Ubuntu 11.04 as their pimary operating system. A free SMS channel has also been created to increase awareness about the features and functionality of Ubuntu Linux OS among judicial officers, technical personnel, and other members of the court's staff. UNQUOTE

(Linux for You, November 2011)


PS: This is in addition to the amazing list posted in my earlier blog entry.

Amazing list of Linux users.

Here is an
amazing list of Linux users worldwide.

How much more of dilly dallying do you want to do ?

At least, take a look at this list, and see for yoursel what you have been missing.


PS: I felt proud to notice that India is listed twice --Tamilnadu state (my birth place), and Kerala state )I taught there).


Interesting property of Fibonacci series

When we take a look at Fibonacci series, through modulo arithmetic, we get some interesting observations :


Maths is interesting, because there is so much beauty to discover.


PS: This was a question in my exam for Kathmandu Uiniversity students.


How good is your password ?

To all my students who attended my recent course on cryptography and e-security, at Kathmandu University ::

Remember my long discourses on using strong passwords ? I found a cute tool which helps you visualise how good/strong your password is. IT gives you individual scores on various parameters which decide the strength of a password, and also an overall score for your password.

Great tool. Try it. Use it every time you choose a password.

The tool is here ::http://www.passwordmeter.com/

Never take chances with security.



Cryptography and e-security questions

I just finished delivering a course on cryptography and e-security, at Kathmandu University. The end-term question paper is here.

The suggested solutions will also be posted on the web, soon.

Watch this space !