Honey, I lost that file ........sorry

Coming soon ... a short lesson on how to prevent accidental deletion or overwriting of your precious files. Now you can be sure you wont cause a disaster by doing an unintended rm, mv or cp. The lesson will be put up on the web soon, at my "downloadables" page.

You will never have to put up a long, sad face and say "Honey, I lost that file ....sorry".

Enjoy Linux,



A tutorial about graph colouring

I have added a new tutorial ::


Take a look, and send me your comments (and the box of chocolates).


Graph theory and LaTeX

Found two blogs, on topics very close to my heart :: graph theory, LaTeX. People like me will enjoy these two sites ::


The above blog has moved to wordpress (from blogspot) ::::::


Many thanks to my invisible guru Prof. Christopher Mawata for directing me to this site. I have to learn a lot from you Sir,