Two is better than one (again !)

Letter addressed to Linux For You (LFY) ::::

Hello Sir,

I write, to thank you for a very great service you have recently done for me. In case, you have not noticed, please visit the site : http://linuxgazette.net/167/index.html .

YES, I am now the author of an article in an internationally famous and popular journal -- The Linux Gazette (LG). I owe this glory and fame to you. You may recall that this is the very same article which you found unacceptable for LFY. Unlike the gurus in LFY, the guys at LG did not find anything objectionable or offensive in my article. They published it **verbatim** , without any fuss, and without any frivolous or meaningless arguments.

The reason for their (LG's) phenomenal popularity and image is probably that they a recognise a good idea when they see one. For your information, LG is read by millions of people all around the world. LG is published in English and 7 other languages. It is mirrored in 41 sites in 18 countries around the world. I also understand that US Universities give academic credit for publishing in LG. LG is a refereed journal (ISSN: 1934-371X), and is listed in the Ulrichs database. And above all, ** it does not promote Microsoft tacitly (or, let us say shamelessly) **!

Your decision to dilly-dally on my article, made me try out this option. I am grateful to people like you, who help, us ordinary teachers get worldwide visibility. May your tribe flourish.

GOD bless you.