58/2012 The hills are calling again

My next course on cryptography, at Kathmandu University, is announced. See : http://www.freewebs.com/profpartha/cryptoKUv2.htm.


57/2012 Greedy and unethical

Greedy and Unethical

You want to buy a suitcase for carrying your stuff in your next voyage. You buy the suitcase, but find that the vendor/maunfacturer has put in some garbage already in the box. The stuff you find there is of no use to you, and it also robs you of the space you need for your own stuff. This is exactly what Seagate does, when you buy a portable external hard disk for your backups.
You are a diehard freedom lover, and cannot tolerate anything from the Micro???? junk pile. You find the whole disk formatted to an obsolete and unpopular format NTFS. The disk contains Micro???? executables which you do not need. You do not appreciate this disgusting and irritating experience. You do not appreciate unwanted things being stuffed on to you. By forcing itself on you, Micro???? is only making a laughing stock of itself. Linux users like me can get rid of Micro???? rubbish. This is what you can do (click for details), to give Micro???? what it deserves.