Does no one read my blogs ?

I was a bit disappointed and angry at the s****s before whom i was casting my pearls through my blogs. I discovered that there was a breed of pigs, shameless plagiarists, who read my blogs, only to copy it and publish it elsewhere without my knowledge. Like all brain dead criminals, they left too many trails. I can now give them what they deserve -- a kick at their hinds.


PS: Dear plagiarist : Why dont you copy this blog post and publish it also, in your blog at
pullareddyinstituteoftechnology.blogspot.com ?

Open access journal for CSE

I have come across a source for open access journals related to
Computer Science. This site covers journals related to a wide
range of focus areas in Comuter Science::


Should be useful to my students, and my teacher-collegues (and also to plagiarists who will shamelessly copy the material).



Linusability + 2

Now IIT-Delhi (my alma mater) has created a special wiki page for "Linux improvement project" (they did not like the "linus" in the "linusability" name).

Take a look ::

Linux usability project


This is just the beginning. There is still a lot to be done.


Linusability + 1

The linusability project I launched recently, has caught the fancy of many people. There is a huge amount of discussion in the Linux Gazette forum called TAG. The IIT Delhi (my alma mater) Linux User Group has proposed to start a special wiki page for this topic.

I also stumbled on a few interesting sites. The most interesting one (for me) happens to be the one on ISO Standard 9241 related to usability. Google for it, and take a look.

There is a lot of work to do. I am happy.