My next experience

Starting a new experience, in one more engineering college affiliated to our dear JNTU. Let us see what comes up here.


Please, Mister Minister of Education

Teachers, Professors etc. wishing to join an institution will now have to submit their fingerprints on line, for verification by the Govt. of india, AICTE -- News

Coming very soon::: Teachers will also have to wear a radio collar. They will have to submit their DNA samples. They may have to report to the nearest police station every day, on their way to college and back. They will have to give their DNA samples and those of their parents and their grandparents, at the time of taking up a job as a teacher. Submitting photographs, testimonials, and certificate copies is out of fashion. We have to move with the times.

All these brilliant precautions are meant to discourage a few dishonest institutions from showing some zombie teachers on their roles. Of course, there will be no more corruption in my country. No employee of AICTE or , University, or UGC will demand or receive bribes any more.

We appreciate all the noble intentions of the Government. We also humbly request you to extend the perks and privileges which terrorists, crooks and criminals enjoy in this free and fair country. Terrorists and crooks do not have to submit any fingerprints or fotos or papers. They can go ahead and freely buy and sell and use guns and grenades. Please consider giving us teachers also this same facility. Please treat us exactly like you treat your criminals.

Thank you Sir,

Let us make "mera bharat mahaan" with all the innovative techniques like the ones above.