Please visit India, Mr. Clinton


I saw in the papers today, that you are organising a raffle for raising funds to settle the debts of Mrs. Clinton. I wish I could help you, but I am too far away to join such a fund raising event. Wish you all the best.

But, Sir, I have a better suggestion. Please come to India. Our politicians and government bureaucrats will teach you how you can get away from all this trouble. In India, our politicians will never have to borrow money for elections, the money comes just like that. Even if they borrow money, they will never have to return the money. They make sure that there is enough money in stock for several generations. Just come to India, we know how to create wealth. No raffles, no fund raising events. Americans can learn a few things from our Indian politicians and bureaucrats.


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The stink in the system

A few months ago, it was the Chief at our "All India Council of Technical Education" (AICTE) who was arrested for taking bribes. AICTE governs and regulates all engineering/technical/managemant colleges in India.

Now, it is the Chief of the "Medical Council of India" (MCI) who goes to jail for bribery. MCI controls medical education in India.

We should be proud of such agencies and organisations.


PS : Please see my blog on "Please come to India, Mr. Clinton"


THE WORLD AS I SEE IT by Albert Einstein

I just read a lovely article -- "THE WORLD AS I SEE IT",
by Albert Einstein. It shows how great minds think. This article was found in the most unexpected of places -- the web site of IITD Linux Users Group.

You can get a copy of this article from me, or from the IITD-LUG website.