19 / 2012 Two more discoveries

1. A good site for demystifying group theory :: http://rip94550.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/introduction-to-group-theory-and-cyclic-groups/

2, How to add coffe stains on your LaTeX documents, without wasting coffee, or using a mug. You could be nominated for a Nobel prize by LaTeX loving coffee addicts :: http://hanno-rein.de/archives/349



Do you know what ETAOIN SHRDLU means ?

Take a look at:: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ETAOIN_SHRDLU

Computer professionals have their own ETAOIN SHRDLU. For instance it is very common to name a file, variable, or such things as "foo". My own favourite is "jlt" (means just like that). Mathematicains use "lambda" to denote an unknown thing, or unknown place or unknown person.

17/2012 My website parthas.htm in QRcode

I have now a QR code for my website. Here it is , in three different sizes, Use it any way you want !