A tool which every maths teacher must know

LaTeX is an amazing tool for publishing technical documents, particularly those which are rich in mathematical content. Teachers, whether in K-12 level, univ. level, or higer levels, need such a tool for all their work. This includes, class notes, assignments, tutorials, question papers, research papers, popular articles etc.

To make it easy for you to appreciate this wonderful tool, I have uploaded a file containing two introductory papers of mine. Just take a look, and let me know if you need help. The file can be downloaded
from here.


Why is India an eternally developing country ?

Why is India an eternally developing country ?

See the attached picture.

Here is an advert by our University Grants Commission (UGC), the
supreme authority created by our government to ensure quality of
education in our Universities. This advert is proof of the
quality they can maintain. They say, UGC will now be renamed as
"University Grants Curses". How apt !

BTW, are we talking of just one scholarship, or just one
fellowship ? Or, are we talking of scholarships and fellowships
in plural ?

It may be recalled that our All India Council of Technical
Education (AICTE) is infected by a bribery scam which saw their top
management being suspended for accepting huge bribes. AICTE is
responsible for ensuring the quality of education in our
technical institutions (engineering colleges etc.). They say,
AICTE will now be renamed as All India Corruption of Technical
Education. How sad !

Now you know the answer to the question :: "Why is India an eternally
developing country ?"


Why I love to teach maths

It is amazing to see how many people love to teach maths. I found one more person in this tribe:


It is amazing how few people love to learn maths, and really make efforts to learn.

This observation confirms my theory :: "teaching is the only profession where the urge to give is much more than the urge to take". Right ?


Your invisible maths teachers

This item should be useful for my students and colleagues. I found a very nice way to get my doubts on maths cleared. I discovered a bunch of maths teachers, ready to help, at :


Of course, you must get registered, to post to this forum. You can read the questions/queris and the aswers, without registering. Nice way to discover and learn maths.

Try this (and let me know).


PS: I found a peculiar enigma in the title of this blog entry. Who is invisible ? maths teachers, or maths ?


Are you reading this ?

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Waiting to hear from you.


Prof. Kannan Moudgalya

Prof. Kannan M Moudgalya teaches at IIT Bombay. He is an amazing person. He is highly knowledgable and very accessible. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I attended a course on Scilab, organised by him.

Now I have two of the gems created by him. Last week I bought his book on "digital control". And now I receive a DVD containing a spoken tutorial on Beamer. With these two , I can do much better as a teacher now. You can get copies of this DVD from me. Just mail me.

I hope I will get more "gnan" (knowledge) from him in the future too.