Forget the chocolates, send me some books

One of the challenges I face, living and teaching in a "developing" country, is the difficulty in accessing good books. Either they are just not available, or they are astronomically priced. There are of course no good libraries where a freelancer like me can go and borrow books. So what do I do ? Simple -- I beg.

My first CDROM on Linux was obtained by begging on the internet. A kindly soul from the US of A donated a set of Slackware CDs and led me into the world of Linux. I will never forget that gentleman (Mr. Naidu). My first book on Linux was also a gift of someone (Mr. Thaths-Chandrasekhar) who responded to my appeal on the internet, several years ago.

I am sure some of my students and my friends who are abroad, are probably reading this blog. I am sure the world is also full of kind hearted people like Mr. Naidu and Mr. Chandrasekhar. I am sure some of you will be willing to donate a book or two, to a honest and sincere teacher in India. I can send you a list of books which I am dying for. Just email me.

Thanks a lot. GOD bless you.


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