Admire this giant !

Now read about the person who has flooded computer science with his amazing contributions: Prof. G J Chaitin.

Prof. G J Chaitin is at the IBM TJW Research Centre. He is the discoverer of the omega number. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaitin%27s_constant for more about omega number/ Chaitin's constant / Chaitin's construction. Omega is often described as a number
that contains all other numbers but
is not itself computable. Chaitin created "algorithmic information theory (AIT)", which combines, among other elements, Shannon’s information theory and Turing’s theory of computability. In the three decades since, he has been the principal architect of AIT. Among his contributions are the definition of a random sequence via algorithmic incompressibility, and his information-theoretic approach to Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. His work on Hilbert’s 10th problem has shown that in a sense there is randomness even in elementary arithmetic.

Prof. G J Chaitin's web site is at ::


This website contains most of Chaitin's published papers, many book chapters, and the LISP, Java, C, and Mathematica software for Chaitin's Springer-Verlag trilogy. It also contains interviews and reviews of Chaitin's books.

(PS :: Some of the material is in French. It helps to know French, to fully appreciate this site)


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