BOSS calling

BOSS calling

Two days ago, I attended a unique event. This event was organised by NRCFOSS, and CDAC, two technology oriented organisations of the Government of India. Usually Govt. organisations are notorious for being bureaucratic, lazy and irresponsible. This event proved that the iamge is not always correct. NRCFOSS and CDAC have created and launched a distribution of Linux called BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions). BOSS draws its roots from Debian, the purest of all Linux distributions (some call it 24 carat gold). The presentation of BOSS was very professional. The lecturers went through the show with all confidence. No one was caught fumbling or ducking a question. All particpants received a free (muft) copy of BOSS DVD, and free lunch and coffee. YES, there is free lunch available in the FOSS world.

Sad thing was the meagre turnout. An event like this should have seen crowds of students and teachers. Sadly there were'nt many. What a shame ! Maybe, the organisers were happy, they escaped casting pearls before s....s.

Thank you CDAC. Thank you NRCFOSS.



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