Begging for books

One of the challenges of teaching in India, is the lack of basic essential material for teaching :: books and journals. We do have bookshops, but they stock only run-of-the-mill books. Books which sell out fast. If you ask for a book which is even slightly higher than the average reader's intellect, you will have to face disappointment. It is not just money, it is just a lack of appreciation for anything above average. So what do I do ? I beg. I beg shamelessly. And I have friends all over the world who understand, and buy me the books I need so badly.

I have received today an exceptionally beautiful book on Lambda calculus, donated by a very close friend (I call him NVS, my children call him "karate master"). Thank you NVS.

If you are reading this blog, from any country outside India, and you wish to help an Indian teacher, just send me a signal. The books you send will beused, for teaching young indians, so that one day India will also reach a stage where a teacher does not have to beg.


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