Death of a giant ..... Robin Milner

I have just now come to learn that Prof. Robin Milner is no more. He died of a heart-attack, in Cambridge, on 20 Mar. 2010 (just a few days ago). He was born in Jan. 1934. His contributions to computer science are enormous -- we list the three/four biggest ones :: LCF (Logic of Computable Functions), ML (Meta Language), CCS (Calculus of communicating systems), PI Calculus. His well deserved decorations include FRS (1998), Fellow ACM (1994) and the ACM Turing Award (1991). He spent his life at Cambridge Univ. and Univ. of Edinburgh. What is amazing is that he did all this, without ever having earned a Ph D !

May his soul rest in peace. May his life continue to inspire me and all my students.

There goes a Caesar, when will we see another ?


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