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IMU recently conducted the ICM2010 Conference in Hyderabad. Unfortunately, teachers like me, do not have the money to pay for the registration expenses. But there is some hope for us. We can keep ourselves informed, by subscribing to the FREE (gratis) newsletter of IMU:: IMU-Net.

There are two ways of subscribing to IMU-Net:

1. Click on http://www.mathunion.org/IMU-Net with a Web browser and go
to the "Subscribe" button to subscribe to IMU-Net online.

2. Send an e-mail to imu-net-request@mathunion.org with the Subject-line:
Subject: subscribe

In both cases you will get an e-mail to confirm your subscription so
that misuse will be minimized. IMU will not use the list of IMU-Net
addresses for any purpose other than sending IMU-Net, and will not
make it available to others.

Previous issues can be seen at:

The IMU General Assembly, at its
meeting in Bangalore, prior to the ICM, decided that Seoul, the
capital of the Republic of Korea, will host the ICM in 2014. This
congress will take place from August 13 to 21, 2014.


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