Does GOD read blogs ?

A blog entry I wrote five years ago ( July 2006), true even today.


Does GOD read blogs ?

I hope he does. In fact, I am sure, HE does. After all, HE is the
master of all universe, and the one who makes us write blogs.

And, if HE is reading this blog now, I would like to ask him to
help my friends, my colleauges and my students. I created this
blog site, with the noble aim of helping my students and
colleagues. I thought I could share all that I learnt after years
and years of frustrating effort. I was born and grew up in an age
when the Internet was still not born. I begged people to lend me
books and show me the way. I have gone many places on this earth,
just to get that little extra which I had not learnt. And now, in
my last few years on this earth, I am trying to seed this
knowledge in the minds of people younger than me. Alas, nobody
seems to be interested. Nobody seems to read any of my blogs, or
my papers or my CDs. I am a hardcore technocrat computer
scientist. I can use only these tools. Oh GOD please hear my
prayer -- please wake up my sleeping country men. Lead them
forward from darkness to light. Help them understand that they
are losing a very good opportunity.

GOD I will be thankful to you, if you can help me change at least
one person on this earth, before you haul me up to your place.

Rest when we meet at your place, my Lord.


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