There is hope for Nepal

As long as there are colleges like NEC and teachers like Daya Ram Budhathoki, there is hope for Nepal. Wish them good luck and success.


Dear Dr. Partha,
Thank you very much for your wonderful and expert presentation in Foss for educational institution at Nepal Engineering College. I think your lecture definitely gave some rays of hope on migrating to Linux from pirated version of Windows and other proprietary software.

I hope, NEC in coming days,will be using:
1. GCC compiler instead of Turbo C for C and C++ lab.
2. KOHA for Library Management System
3. Scilab for Matlab
4. OpenOffice.org instead of Micorsoft word.
5. Mysql or Postgresql instead of Oracle
6. Moodle for For Course Management System
7. iTALC for intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers.
8. Latex for Documentation, Thesis and Report writing.
9.Linux System instead of Microsoft
I would like to appeal all the faculty members, students, management committee and non teaching staff to promote open source movement in Nepal Engineering College. Really, there is no doubt you will feel the liberty in Linux that you will never experience in Microsoft Windows.

Thank you.

Lecturer. Daya Ram Budhathoki
Nepal Engineering College
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Changunarayan, Bhaktapur
Mob. no:977-1-9741213794
Email: dayaramb@nec.edu.np



  1. Definitely, it is the time to move to Open Source, towards a more flexible environment.

    Ranjan Shrestha

  2. We're really proud of you, Daya!

    Daya, for one, has been involved in the FOSS movement in Nepal for a long time now, and I know of his initiatives to make the faculty members and students in both NEC and Khwopa Engineering College aware as well as to train them about FOSS in general and Linux in specific right from the word go.

    Great work, Daya! Keep up the good effort!

    And thanks for posting this, Prof. Dr. Partha.


  3. Thank you very much for posting this post Prof. Partha.

    And we would like to promote open source where ever we can, say it be in work, school or home.



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