Astrology, myth, or reality ?

Just received the book -- Astrology -- believe it or not ? (S Balchandra Rao, Pub. : Navakarnataka Publishers). The author, a reputed mathematician, examines astrology in an impartial and rational sense. His study is rigorous, based on clear mathematical concepts, and demonstrates how mathematical concepts are distorted, to form a pseudo science called astrology. People confuse the fuzzy pseudo-science of astrology with the precise science of astronomy (a branch of mathematics), and intersperse their arguments using names of great sages like Varahmihira or Parshara or Jaimini. By juxtaposing these names with their own terminology, they create a certain euphoria which has still not been proven conlusively. This book is just the kind one has to read, to know the true worth (or otherwise) of astrology.

It is a pity I have no way to contact the author, to congratulate him and thank him.

I thank my friend Natarajan, who could procure this book for me.


PS : I located this book, based on a review I read in RESONANCE (a brilliant journal produced by the Indian Academy of Science)

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