One more student project....

This is for the adventurous, and above average student (or a group of such students). It is certainly not for the kind of students I have seen recently at Wargal (Hyderabad). You can build your on OS from the basics. Learn how to fit in all the pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle. Have fun. Become a geek, and an OS guru. "Linux from scratch" is for people who fit the above profile.

Get details here ::;


Or ask me if you need details.


PS: Students I have seen recently at Wargal (Hyderabad), please stay away.


  1. How can I involve myself in this project, I remembered that had asked us in IIITMK but some how that didn't turned up, or we have not seen the big picture of Unix that time and by this time our eyes are fully opened. Please send me details regarding this project.

    1. Better late than never. Take a look at the website of linuxfromscratch. There are also many more places where you get good project ideas e.g. sourgeforge, freshmeat etc.

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