39/2012 Rogue DNS malware --courtesy MSWin32

See my earlier post :: 31/2012 A new threat to the world

What is the point arresting those who created this malware. Why not shoot all the criminals who are responsible for this epidemic ? Start with the perpetrator MSWin32 who makes it easy for such crime to be committed again and again and again. Start with all the dumb asses who help MSWin32 by using the scum bag MSWin32. (Are you one of them ?)

If you are a victim or are wondering if you are a potential victim, take a look at::https://forms.fbi.gov/check-to-see-if-your-computer-is-using-rogue-DNS

Better still, just stop using Win32 and switch over to safer alternatives. Dont let your irresponsible and recklesses choices cause a disaster to innocent users of the w-w-web.

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