40/2012 Vedic Maths ? Beware !

Vedic maths ! Beware !
I came across this incredible advert which claims that your child will become a "maths genius" if you put him in the course on Vedic mathematics which the advertiser was organising.

Don't fall into the trap.

Read the facts about vedic maths, and then take your own decision ::


There are much better ways to make your child a genius in maths.


PS :: Some questions to the advertiser. .

1. When do you call a child a "maths genius" (your own words) ? How do you confirm this ? By what measurements ?.

2. How many of the teachers of this course can themselves be qualified as "maths genius" ? Would they be ready to face a public jury of qualified mathematicians ?


  1. It is unfortunate that adding hype sometimes kills the value of actual substance as well. I feel that there is no method to become genius, partly it is in one's genes and partly in one's efforts.

    1. It is not just hype, it is marketing greed to make money out of someone else's idea. As long as there are gullible people with lots of loose money, such swindlers and parasites will always thrive. My idea of publishing this stuff is to give people the other side of the coin which they do not see. This happens in the field of FOSS. Lots of unrelated and unqualified people jump into the FOSS wagon hoping to make money. On their own desk, I always see a Microsoft machine. I have taught in many of these private colleges where such double standards concerning FOSS is rampant. Shame on these swindlers. It is a pity that I am not allowed to own and operate a gun ;

  2. My child has math phobia. Thanks to you for directing me a way so that I can help my child to overcome her fear. I hope you continue these efforts and help more such parents like me.
    vedic maths

  3. There is NO SUCH THING as maths phobia. If you are serious about helping your child, get in touch with me directly.

    Prof. Partha


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