31/2012 A new threat to the world

A new computer Trojan program is doing the rounds now. DNSChanger is a trojan that will change the infected system's Domain Name Server (DNS) settings, in order to divert traffic to unsolicited, and potentially illegal sites. The culprit -- a shabby piece of software called Win32. The cancer can spread to all DNS servers on the Internet which use Win32. This trojan that is named 'PayPal-2.5.200-MSWin32-x86-2005.exe'. Doomsday has only been postponed. It is not yet eliminated.

The real culprits are the thousands of incompetent and irresponsible users who stick to using Win32 in spite of the warnings by well-intentioned and well-informed scholars. You like Win32 go ahead, enjoy it. But you have no business to spread shit on people who want to live in peace. This cancer is spreading because of idiots like you.

If you still dont stop using Win32, you will be doomed, and so will a whole lot of people around you. Wake up and stop the calamity.


PS Let people know about this threat. Spread the word. You can forward this blog post to all around you. And of course you can come out of the curse of Win32 by abandoning it immediately.

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