35/2012 Woman mathematicians

Woman mathematicians ? YES they exist. How many of them can you name ? I had this same question, a few years ago, and was desperately seeking an answer. Till, one day, when I visited Oxford Univ., with a famous Professor and a friend of mine. I was in fact a guest in his house at Southampton. I managed to a trace a book which gave me the answers.

Life is much more easy now, with the w-w-web. The answer will now come to your mailbox, by itself. Just join the tweets of City University of New York (CUNY). Start here

Now, to answer the main question I posed in the beginning, here is one good answer

Maybe there are many more of them. I let you find them for me, and inform me.

.....added a few minutes later .......

My quest to locate lady mathematicians led me to Prof. Bhama Srinivasan. I have two things in common with her....she is Indian, and she is apparently a Tamilian (like me).

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